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It is a haven of tranquility and well-being, located in a stunning setting, Videmonte. With elegant and modern design, TerraSense - Retreat & Farm is a comfortable, unpretentious accommodation focused on connecting with this place. We are in a region of natural beauty, allowing you to explore the property with its streams, lavender fields, farm, and breathtaking surroundings.

TerraSense-Family Room


Comfortable minimalism

Designed with natural materials, we are in an accommodation that aims to enhance the landscape, offering the best charming conditions in a room or suite for you to appreciate and unwind.


From the garden to the table

From Farm to Plate, an enchanted path. Label-free and naturally sustainable, here we have our own food cultivation, artisanal sausage production, and homemade honey making. The property features a farm and vegetable garden for the harmonious enjoyment of the freshest produce.

TerraSense-From garden to table


Lavender Field and Honey Production

Lavender fields and honey, transformed into tranquility: a perfect symbiosis that results in a unique nectar to savor and experience during your visit to our production, as well as participation in workshops and sessions.


An invitation to simple experiences, to Slow Living: we draw inspiration from the olfactory journeys through the purple and lilac tones of the lavender fields, we let ourselves be enchanted by the melody of the flowing streams, which bring a unique freshness and color to this secluded and exclusive landscape.

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