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Dawn brings a moist fragrance amidst the greenery and the dense heat of the plain. Submerged in this valley, the luminous spectacle of stars brings tranquility, interrupted only by sporadic sounds of crickets, frogs, or the animals of the farm. This is the backdrop for that essential massage, a creative moment in one of our workshops, or for the much-needed mindful retreat.

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Regional Breakfast 

Indulge in the authentic Regional Breakfast. Homemade eggs, fresh fruits, locally produced smoked meats, and authentic flavors of the region for a unique start to your day.

TerraSense-Quarto Familiar


Room service

Daily cleaning and Room Service are provided so that you can enjoy the nest with all the glamour. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, vegan amenities, high-quality towels made in the country, and thermal and acoustic comfort.


Outdoor Parking

Just a stone's throw away from the main house, there is a paved outdoor parking area with charging facilities for electric vehicles.



Visit to the stable - animal care

Experience the magic of the countryside at this humble farm, Terra Sense. Get to know the animals in our stable: goats, chickens, and donkeys. An authentic and serene experience awaits you.

Campo Lavanda


Lavender field visit

In their various stages, lavender plants are graceful with an intense aroma, and when they bloom, they showcase vibrant colors that extend across the fields as far as the eye can see.

TerraSense-Lareira Exterior


Fire ritual

The ritual of fire is an ancient tradition that symbolizes renewal and purification. Around the flames, we celebrate our connection with nature and strengthen community bonds. It is a sacred moment of transformation and celebration of life, taking place in front of the main house at Terra Sense.


Honey Workshop

There is a fascinating world of bees with our Honey and Beehive Workshop. It's an opportunity to get in touch with the life of bees, honey production, and their importance for the environment.



5 o'clock tea

The afternoon tea is a charming British tradition that invites us to enjoy a relaxing break in the late afternoon. With a cup of hot tea, whether it's black tea, herbal infusions, or tisanes, we immerse ourselves in a moment of tranquility and awakening of the senses. It is an invitation to appreciate some of the aromatic herbs and plants that flourish here.



Private parties, private or small group yoga sessions, bread-making workshops, sausage and smoked meat tastings, weddings, marriage proposals, vow renewals, and countless other occasions and moments that deserve the ideal setting and the perfect support team. Connect with the Earth here at Terra Sense - Mountain Charm Retreat & Farm, Videmonte.

TerraSense-Sessão de Yoga


Yoga Sessions

Enjoy moments of tranquility with yoga and meditation sessions in the vast fields of the Guarda region. Connect with nature, immerse yourself in profound tranquility. It's a revitalizing experience to balance the body and mind.

TerraSense-Oficina de fabrico de queijos e enchidos


Cheese and sausage making workshop

Experience the authenticity of cheese and sausage making, crafted by the ancestral hands of those who live here. Learn the traditional secrets and actively participate in the process, savoring and exploring unique handmade creations made with love and dedication.



We believe in connection and inclusivity, which is why we offer hippotherapy services. This involves contact with trained horses, specialized for a safe and tailored experience to meet the needs of each individual. The therapeutic benefits of hippotherapy are experienced here in a warm and uncomplicated environment.

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You can count on us for a reservation of transfer/transportation service to ensure a smooth and convenient arrival from the train station or airport.



Small Meals

Our team can prepare snacks and light meals with typical and regional products, catering to conventional, vegetarian, or vegan diets.

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